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Something like a Nest

“He doesn’t want to shatter our illusions, merely quieten them – to allow us to see the complexity of what’s before us.”
Financial Times

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Hardcover with printed acetate dust jacket
54 colour plates
108 pages
28cm x 22.9cm
ISBN 978-0-9568923-1-7
Price: £40

“a sustained visual meditation. . . Sewell makes us think more deeply about what the countryside means”
The Guardian

“such is the assurance of Sewell’s vision and strength of narrative quality that. . . our perception roams freely, gradually absorbing the rich suggestiveness of the people, places and environments. . . a clever, multi-layered look at our idea of rural life, done with understatement and visual acuity.”

“matured from a tradition focused on landscape towards photography as metaphor. It is a soft-spoken social commentary set against harvest fires and pale moons and ever quiet suns”. American Suburb X

“a quiet, sophisticated book . . . With its multi-layered approach, it’s neither predictable nor didactic”

“a series of intensely concentrated impressions that rewards, indeed encourages, a slow, measured drinking-in.”
British Journal of Photography

“The odd yet unmistakeable character of English country life is revealed in an evocative new series of photographs”
The Telegraph

“a delicate portrayal of today’s English countryside. The artist explores how our idea of this land, and the pastoral symbolism related to it, intersects with contemporary culture. Sewell goes beyond the clichés in order to create a visual experience in which the noise of contemporary life melts into bucolic conventions and habits.” Fantom

“a poetic re-framing – both literal and metaphorical – of the English countryside. Employing a subtle and contemplative pictorial style. . . [an] unsentimental and complex vision of rural life. ” photography| writing| landscape

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Published July 2014
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The Heath

For the last five years Andy Sewell has been tramping Hampstead Heath with his camera and has accumulated a stunning set of photographs… I urge you to support this emerging talent and order this book before it is acknowledged as a classic contribution to our photographic culture.’ Martin Parr

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The Heath
800 copies
Price £45


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Price: £180

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Your faith in the project is very much appreciated.